Satan’s Trance

The juxtaposition of horror film/television clips, and electronic music (with cosmological and haunting characteristics), and documentary footage from raves/electronic music festivals (that possess qualities of the occult) is experimented in this project.

With these media devices combined, I hope to embody this sensory experience that Grosz explains “as the contraction of vibrations…the forces of becoming-other” (Chaos, Territory, Art: Deleuze and the Framing of the Earth, 80-1). Essentially, how can we experience Hollywood-defined magic and the magic associated with music and rave culture differently?

The quandry of it as the mediation of object and experience, or science and religion, is what drew me to this video experimentation of the mediations created by media in occult and horror film. While sensation is, perhaps, the only state of consciousness that is impossible to scientifically measure, as are the limits of magic, I find it more valuable to visually see how it can be created/manipulated.

Continue reading this analysis here: Satan’s Trance

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