Blogs: The Vogue of the Internet

An examination of a blogger’s power in the fashion industry.

In 2009, designers Yohji Yamamoto and Marc Jacobs invited a 13 year-old blogger to sit front row at their headlining Spring fashion shows during New York Fashion Week. Almost overnight, bloggers ascended from the seats behind their computer desks to the front row. Sitting amidst prominent entrepreneurs in the industry like Vogue’s Editor-At-Large, Anna Wintour was the eighth grade blogger, Tavi Gevinson. Within two years Gevinson’s fashion fame led to a number of collaborations with designers, guests posts for blogs, and most recently the launch of her own online magazine, This teenager is only one among the hundreds of “influential” bloggers known worldwide who boast thousands of followers and make yearly salaries of up to three-figures. Bloggers today hold an incredible amount of power in all realms of fashion due to the success of their technological counterparts. Reigning over web portals, bloggers are now regarded as the Young Turks of the fashion world, the new gate-keepers of dictating trends. This essay will explore the virtual trendsetters’ convergence in fashion media outlets and how their powerful role in the blogophere is changing the industry.

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