On Sororities

In January 2010, when the spring semester at LMU beings, approximately four hundred girls will “rush” for their desired sorority. Mostly comprised of freshman, these girls will spend their first weekend of school prepping for “rush” parties where they meet sorority members who will later on determine their fate. The three-day long recruitment process is understood to be an emotional roller-coaster. Throughout the weekend, girls are chatting, eating, and breathing sororities and Greek life to the point where they become sleep deprived and exhausted. The longing to get an invitation back to the sorority of their preference awaits them on the final night of rush week. Bid night is one of happiness and sadness as girls open their bid cards to find either an invitation to the sorority of their dreams or be crushed with defeat. Is ending up in the sorority of her second-choice suffice? In this paper, we will explore the different facets of LMU sorority life.

A total of ten girls participated in our focus group, in which seven were active members of a sorority and three had dropped out. This sample of girls was perfect in getting a sense of what it is like to be a part of a sorority at LMU. In this paper, we will first discuss our methods of conducting the focus group study; second, we will discuss our findings and themes that emerged from discussion; lastly, we will further examine the limitations of research and opportunities for further research on this topic.

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